Hailing from small town Nebraska, The Maze Brothers’ visual style and storytelling was formed by influences ranging from Lynch and Kurosawa to graphic novels and 80‘s synth-wave (despite missing the 80’s by more than a decade). Mentored by producer Dana Altman, the Maze Brothers transformed La Flamme Rouge from their original short script into a feature. They are currently writing the script for their follow up film.

“Friends shoot guns together – it’s what they do.”

Rick Van Pelt (Balthazar Getty)

The concept behind La Flamme Rouge was to capture that feeling we both had growing up when you turn on late night HBO and end up finding some wild weird movie that you had to tell all of your friends about. Essentially the first time we experienced Mulholland Drive.

Writing it was basically taking all of those weird characters and cinematic moments, stuff we love, putting them onto notecards, and seeing where it took us. The tone of the script and film was heavily influenced by French musician, NxxxxxS, who we would later connect with to score the film.

When we got a call that Balthazar Getty was interested, things hit warp speed.
We hope you enjoy the ride.

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